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10 min Full Body Workout with no equipment required

Workout is not the easy thing for ladies. With our busy schedule we barely manage the time for going to gym and spend an hour or two there. But still we can manage to get 10 to 15 mins for our-self. These 10 Mins are enough for us to burn that extra fat from our body and be super sexy. Just 10 min workout a day is all you need. This Workout all don’t need any equipment or dumbell or anything, its you and your body.

This 10 Min workout includes-

  • Shoulder Circle: This is a warm-up exercise before starting an actual workout. It helps loosen up the muscles and joint as well as give you the nice pump at the deltoids.
  • Lateral Plank Walk: This exercise begins with a push-up position and then moving side to side. Lateral Plank Walk works for lower ab, lower back and chest muscles.
  • Rainbow Plank: The third exercise of the workout is rainbow plank. Its a great exercise that not only work on the stabilization of the core but also work on the obliques. Make sure you breath out when touching your hips to ground and breath in while in transition.
  • Oblique Plank with reach: This is a great workout exercise for waist, core and twisting muscles.
  • Reverse Lunge: It is a variation of leg exercise which helps in strengthening leg musculature.
  • Burpee: Burpee is an excellent full body workout exercise. It include working of arms, chest, legs, butt and core. Burpee is an efficient way to burn calories.
  • Reverse Fly: Reverse Fly works on back of the shoulder, traps and upper back.
  • Runner’s Crunch: It is a great exercise for core and lower abdominal.
  • Triceps Dip and bridge: Dip is an exercise which targets all three heads of your triceps, upper back and traps.
  • Creepy Crawler: Finally In this exercise your upper body is stabilized and mainly works on abs and obliques.

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