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5 Tips to protect your hair during Rainy season

Hair is said to be the most beautiful ornament of the body!

Every time you watch an actor/actress flaunting their wet hair during a song sequence, you wish to look the same but somehow with those sticky wet hair, you lose that hope.

We bring to you a ray of hope with some easy to avail remedies that you can follow before and after getting drenched into that heavy rain, maintaining you look presentable.

1) Don’t overdo your hair, keep a simple bun bun

When you are getting out in a rainy day, do not wear a hairstyle that can land you into trouble managing.

Instead of looking messed up reaching your destination, it’s better to updo your hair in a simple manner, doing a bun or tying up. Overdone wet hairs are easy to get tangled.

2) Don’t be touchy to your hairovertouching hair

Every delicate thing is sensitive to a touch, so as your hair.

Stop touching your hair again and again during rains. Whenever you try setting your hair, the oils from your hands get stuck to the upper layer of the hair, making them look sticky.

Hope you don’t want to spoil all your pictures just because of your hair!

3) Blow dryblow dry

Wet hair is fragile in nature. It’s better to blow dry your hair completely before tying or using a comb.

Using a comb in wet hair is like giving open invitation to hair-fall.NEVER DO THAT! Once your hair is completely dried, you can go for our next instruction!

Drying your wet hair with a towel can make them frizzier. A hack from BeautynTheFit is dry them using a cotton tee. Better? Yes!

4) Hot Coconut oil massagehot coconut oil

Very less people know that in rainy season your pores are generally open. Anything that you apply to your hair is fruitful, if the pores are welcoming.

A hot coconut oil massage gives strength to your hair making them soft, long and sleek. Coconut oil has been a great source of vitamins for long and healthy hair since our childhood. Stick to this ancient therapy for getting good results.

5) Better use an umbrellaumbrella

All your therapies and treatments will fail, if you be a fool not wearing a rain hat or carry an umbrella during rains. Better take precaution rather than a treatment later.

Note: Avoid using any kind of serums during this rainy season. Unlike many people, you need to be smart on this one on guessing why? Not many will tell you but applying serums may help you, manage your hair properly but not in rains. Every drop of serum on your wet hair is like applying thick oil layer.

Stay aware, Stay Beautiful!

After all, at BeautynTheFit, being beautiful doesn’t cost a bit!

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