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Beauty Hacks that no one told you

Beauty with brain is the new funda we are apply in this article. We all know how to use our makeup products and other things in our daily life but what if changing a little bit of that simple usage we can get best out of it. All girls should need these beauty hack and i promise you won’t regret applying this on your daily routine. These beauty hacks will definitely make your life easier.

Voluminous hair:

Hair needs most care and to achieve it with volume is a difficult task. With all these pollution and tightly done hairstyles, its hard to get voluminous hair while following our daily routine. To solve this problem here are some beauty hacks for hair that will give your hair some volume without going to saloon.

  • Voluminous Ponytail: We all go for a ponytail when in hurry. Its suits every type of hair and its really very simple. But one thing we don’t like about it is that we don’t get voluminous ponytail. To get volume to our hair we have to tease our ponytail or use hair extensions. So beauty hack to get voluminous ponytail is to use two hairpins or bobby pins. All you need is to flip your ponytail up and put the pins straight through your ponytail where the rubber band is and going downwards. Puts back your ponytail down and hush you got the perfect voluminous ponytail instantly.
  • Washing Hair: We all shampoo and condition our hair to keep it clean but the beauty hack to get voluminous hair while washing our hair is to reverse the order of using these products. Yes you read it right, all you need is to use conditioner first and leave it for 5 min and then wash your hair using shampoo.
  • Drying Hair: If you use electric dryer to dry your hair then dry them by flipping your hair upside down and it will make your hair super voluminous.
  • Curling your hair: For curling your hair you generally use the electric curler but do you know there are two ways of curling your hair to achieve two different types of curls? So here is a beauty hack for this one: if you curl your hair vertically you will have more tight curls while if you curl your hair horizontally then you will have lose curls. So decide next time which type you want.

Note: If you accidentally burn yourself while curling or straightening then apply a thick layer of honey on burnt spot. It will give you immediate relief and it also gives antibiotic protection and moisturize.

Eye Makeup Hacks:

  • Mascara stain: Apply mascara is hard and getting mascara on eye-shadow is a bad dream. Beauty hack for this is never ever take it off right then let it dry for a min and then using ear buds remove it using a circular motions and its done without ruining your eye-shadow. No more mascara on eye-shadow. For finishing reapply some more eye-shadow to get flawless look.
  • Best out of mascara: Beauty hack to get most out of your mascara is to dip your mascara into a bowl of hot water (obviously your mascara must be closed). This will make your mascara brand new as it melt the mascara which is dried because of opening it multiple times.
  • Curled lashes: If you want your curls lashes to last long then this is the beauty hack you need to follow. While curling your lashes using lash curl just warm it a little using blow dryer and then curl it. The lashes with be perfectly curled and will last longer. 
  • Fake lashes: This beauty hack is specially for those who love to apply fake lashes but can’t do it themselves. To apply fake lashes you should place the mirror horizontally and while apply lashes look over it. This beauty hack makes apply lashes super easy.
  • Winged Eyeliner: A simple beauty hack to get winged eye is to use spoon. Using the tail of spoon first make sharp line at the outer part for wing. Now flip the spoon and using the oval portion of the spoon make create a line going down from the edge. Fill the part with the eyeliner. Lastly connect the winged eyeliner with the inner eye eyeliner.

Nail Beauty Hacks:

  • Remove glitter nail polish: This beauty hack will teach you how to remove glitter nail polish very easily. Apply adhesive(preferably fevicol) like you apply nail polish before you apply the glitter nail polish. Let it dry and apply your glitter nail [polish over it. When you want to remove it just scrape or peel it off. No more struggling for removing glitter from your nails.
  • Matte nail Polish: Matte nail polish is the new trend and its look beautiful. But what to do with the normal glossy nail polishes? Here is the beauty hack to get matte nail polish from the glossy nail polish. For this Beauty hack you need 100% pure corn starch. Apply normal nail polish and before applying top coat mix a little corn starch in it and then apply it. It will give you matte look. Or you can mix little bit of corn starch to the glossy nail polish but for matte look you have to mix corn starch with every nail polish you want matte look for. So instead its better to mix it with top coat only. 
  • Yellow Nails: One disadvantage of using nail polish is we get yellow stains on nails. Beauty hack to remove or prevent this is to take a bowl of water and pour one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and four spoon of baking soda. Mix them all together and dip your nails for 5 to 8 mins depending on your stains. You will get clean beautiful nails. Do not it more often as it can harm your nails too.

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