To be hydrated this summer is extremely important for all. Our body is 75% water so drinking water is very important to be healthy and fit. It helps to build muscles. Lubricates joints preventing injuries while working out. Water help losing weight as it breaks down fat and drinking water before eating acts as an appetizer helps you to eat less. It boost your metabolism which helps you to burn more calories throughout the day. Flushes toxic from the body.

Sign that you are drinking water less than your daily requirement:

  • headache
  • lack of energy
  • stomachache and acidity
  • constipation
  • increase appetite: body tends to increase appetite as a sign of dehydration
  • slow down metabolism
  • toxin accumulation

 The amount of water requirement for your body depends upon three factors:

  1. body size
  2. activity level
  3. type of food intake

On an average you must drink 8 glasses of water to live healthy

Reason to drink water in the morning:

Grab a glass of water must be the first thing you should after waking up instead of craving for tea coffee or soda to wake you up. when your body sleeps for 6 or more hours you haven’t drank water throughout this time so your body is dehydrated and your body is working really very hard to remove toxic from your body. You should keep sipping water throughout the day and not wait for the moment when you feel thirsty. In addition some of the other benefits of drinking water early in the morning are water have 0 calories helps you to improve metabolism reduce amount of fat in your body, it helps your body to wake up and it promotes healthy digestion and helps you not to be constipated.


Beauty benefits of drinking water:

  1. Keeps your skin youthful and hydrated therefore it is less likely to dry out.
  2. It reduces dark circles.
  3. It reduces acne as it helps in digestion and purify blood.
  4. Your eyes become whiter and clear.
  5. It is good detox.
  6. When you drink enough water your skin becomes elastic and that prevents wrinkles.
  7. It tones your skin by naturally filling your cells with water which keep your skin tight and firm.
  8. Water hair you to grow your hair faster.
  9. Water boost brain power. It helps you to think clearly and it improves cognitive function because it deliver oxygen to your brain.

Over hydration: drinking water more than necessary by the body

too much of something is never good for us this also include water as drinking more water can also harm your body. Some of the symptoms and side effects of drinking more water are slow metabolism, headache, frequent urination, muscles cramps.

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