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Best lipstick hacks

All girls have atleast one lipstick in their handbag. From glossy to matte, stick to liquid, nude to bold we are using every type of lipsticks. But there are some rules to use them accordingly. Lipsticks can sometimes be tricky so this article will teach you some hacks you must follow for perfect lips. 

  1. No dry lips please: Never ever apply lipstick on dry lips specially matte lipstick. If applied on dried lips then lipstick give flaky look you don’t want. So prepare your lips before applying lipstick. Apply generous amount of lip-balm and then using clean toothbrush scrub your lips. It will exfoliate the lips so that if there is any dead skin on it, it would be removed. Clean your lips with a tissue. Lip balm will moisturize the lips.
  2. Dark or uneven toned Lips: If you have pigmented or dark lips then the actual shade of lipstick will not come. The hack for dark lips is to apply a layer of concealer or foundation on your lips before applying lipstick. This will give you more vibrant and even lipstick.
  3. Liquid lipstick: While using liquid lipstick always make a outline using tip of the applicator and then fill in the color. This hack will give you perfectly shaped lips.
  4. Perfect Cupid’s Bow: For that perfect cupid’s bow lips all you need is lip liner pencil. using lip liner draw X on top of your lips. Then connect the tips of the X with rest of your lips. Fill in the lips with lipstick. This will give you perfect cupid’s bow lips.
  5. Matte lipstick:  You can make any lipstick a matte one. For this apply normal lipstick as you do and then place a tissue on your lips and blot loose powder on it using brush. This will give you mattify lips and lipstick will last long.
  6. Removing matte lipstick: Matte lipstick is dry and thus removing it by raw force will harm your lips. Instead of apply raw force apply some lip balm or Vaseline and let it soak the lipstick for 10 min or so and then using tissue remove it. This will easily remove your lipstick and will give you moisturized lips.
  7. Gradient Effect: To get extra dimension on your lips just apply a dark shade lipstick. Now take a lighter shade lipstick and apply it only at the center portion of the lips and this will give a nice gradient effect.
  8. Uneven line: If you gets an uneven line on outside border of lips then take a little concealer on small brush and make it even. It will be better if you use concealer pencil it will give you perfect sharp edge.

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