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Care tips for your feet

Feet are the most neglected part of the body. In day-to-day run and chase, your feet do a lot of labor. Still they always stand by you.

Don’t you think this hardship and labor deserves your love?

This love for your feet is known as Pedicure.

Machines need maintenance, so as your body. We are here with little time saving tips to make your feet look prettier & younger, sitting at your home.

  • Remove your Nail polish and clip your nails.feet1

Before starting the pedicure process, make sure you remove your nail color with a light thinner. 

Now your nails can inhale freely. Your next step will be clipping your nails. Cut the edges and shape it straight across. Do not go deep inside the corners as it can give way to in growth, which is quite painful.


  • File your nails.

Decide the desired shape you want to file your nails like. Now start filing the nails across in a single direction. For this you have to put force, still be gentle to not weaken them. Remove the threads softly.

feet2               a man and the procedure of pedicure

  • Soak your feet.

feet3Here comes the most relaxing part of pedicure, where you just need to sit soaking your feet in Luke warm water and feel the presence of heaven at your feet.

Soak your feet completely in warm water, mix some Epsom salt to exfoliate the dead cells, add few drops of lemon for a smoother and a germ free skin and 2 drops of shampoo to soften your feet. This is the best experience you could have sitting at home. So, enjoy it for 15-20 minutes.

After this dry your feet with a cotton cloth or a soft towel.

  • Scrub your feetfeet3b

Scrubbing is the most important part here. It removes the dead cells and dry skin.

For this, take a good cuticle cream and start applying it from the toe to the heel gently. Massage the cream for 5-10 minutes and rub it from a pumice stone to remove the dead skin. Pumice stone is good for removing dry skin. After this take a scrub made from sugar and honey .rub it all over your feet from ankles to toe to the space between your toes in a circular motion.

This process also improves your blood flow and strengthens your entire body.


  • Moisturize ,cover and sleep

feet5After this huge exercise, your feet need some rest. Use warm water to wash your feet and dry them with a cotton cloth. Massage gently with a good moisturizing cream and cover the feet with woolen socks. What else do you require for a healthy and peaceful sleep after having this treatment?

After a hectic day out, sleep well with those beautiful, effortless feet because they are worth this care.

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