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Remove pigmentation and sun tan from your face

sun tan and pigmentation

Sun tan and pigmentation is very common. As we are exposed to the hot climate which causes darkening of skin called tan which further if not treated results in pigmentation. Pigmentation is also caused by other factors like hormonal unbalance, lack of some nutrients in the body or less moisture …

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Summer skin care hacks to save you

Summer season is here and so as the heat. Inspite of all the cool stuff you can do in the summers like eating ice cream, exploring beaches, surfing, etc. With all these activities comes the hot stuff like tanning, sweating, greasy skin and hair. This summer heat makes your makeup …

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Top 13 uses of vaseline petroleum jelly

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is the most common product in our house. We have being using it since ages and still most of us don’t know in how many ways we can actually use it. We all wish for that magic and inexpensive product which can be used for all beauty purpose …

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Best lipstick hacks

All girls have atleast one lipstick in their handbag. From glossy to matte, stick to liquid, nude to bold we are using every type of lipsticks. But there are some rules to use them accordingly. Lipsticks can sometimes be tricky so this article will teach you some hacks you must …

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Beauty Hacks that no one told you

Beauty with brain is the new funda we are apply in this article. We all know how to use our makeup products and other things in our daily life but what if changing a little bit of that simple usage we can get best out of it. All girls should …

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Never ever throw Orange Peel

We all love oranges but what we do with orange peels? People enjoy oranges, its juice and orange flavored food and drinks as it rich in vitamin C. As the matter of fact for orange peels; yes we obviously throw it away in trash as it is of no use …

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Top 5 kajal available in india

Eyes say it all!! Its true, the most significant part of our face is eyes and almost every girl is introduced to makeup world through kajal. There are many ways to beautify your eyes as there are several products related to that but still till now everyone’s favorite specially for …

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Yoga for glowing skin

Glowing skin is all we want that’s why we spend tons of money on beauty products, skin treatments etc. But in modern era we don’t realize the power of our ancient knowledge of yoga. Yoga is mere solution to almost everything which is infact most effective also. Getting glowing skin …

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Finest Do-it-yourself Face Pack Recipes

In summer time season, the skin is more uncovered to the elements and more oil and sweat production. Summers are troublesome for these with oily pores and skin, as on the one hand you want to reduce the sweat and oiliness, but additionally want to handle the dryness. Summer skincare …

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