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The world sees glamour. Everybody wants to look perfect before stepping out to the world. Perfect body, perfect face, perfect hair, perfect lips, everything perfect is all that we want. Among these, perfect pink lips is something that most of us have special concern for. What if we don’t have …

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Do u have an oily skin and you have to be really choosy in terms of skin products? Even then you have to face breakouts? Well then, here I have a perfect tool kit for you. Not that these would look after the problems of your skin, but then definitely …

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Tips To Remove Dark Circles

Presence of ‘Dark circles’ has been a common issue now a days. Pollution, allergies, genetics, thyroid issues, habits like smoking, etc.,are some of the common reasons for deep dark circles under the eyes. Even excessive exposure to sun is one of the reasons. Not necessarily is clinical treatment the only …

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Pimples and acne are the common issue for almost everyone. Those who don’t get them or have never got any are lucky enough though! The problem is really serious, obviously, its our face that we are the most conscious about, followed by our hairs. A single mark on the face …

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For human body, night is the time when it makes and breaks itself, i.e does all the development work. Here we are talking of skin (face). Hence, if you want to make any specific difference to your skin, do it at the night. I don’t mean days are less effective, …

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Retain beauty of your eyes

Eyes are the mirror of your soul, and a mirror never lies. But why is it that’s haunting, every time you are looking at the mirror. What is scarier? Is it the fear of ageing and losing your eyesight or living a blurred adulthood. Though the fashion industry has assorted …

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There are a basket full of skincare products in the market which promises clear and healthy skin to the public. Cleansers and scrubs are always our former choices, but there always lies one question, why a toner? Here’s the answer! Following are the reasons that justify why toners are one …

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Nail It – Nail Care Tips

When we talk of fitness and staying healthy, there are a few areas that we hardly consider. One of such are our nails. Since the ancient times, medi-facts have witnessed that most of the diseases that our body acquire is are reflected though our nails, alternatively, our body acquires diseases …

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Summer tips for Skin

You will be surprise to know that as compared to winter or autumn your skin dries more in summer. The reason for this are the strong sun rays; during summer the sun rays makes your skin very dry from deep inside and as you sweat more in summer and it …

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