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Life now-a-days has become really really fast and we find no much time to get relaxed. A little time for ourselves,for our sake, has become next to impossible. Hence, life has become STRESSFUL!

What to do then, for relieving stress?

Would u need a therapy or something?

Are salon spas and all the only solutions? Well I don’t think so.

Here I have for you, ways to relieve stress much faster and much economically than what everyone thinks.

  1. Meditate

First of all its our mind that get stressed,before our body. I mean, stressful body can be handled for a little time, but a stressful mind is hard to handle.

What you need to do is to meditate a little…just a little. Not that you can do this in proper homely conditions only, rather meditation can be done anywhere. Even at your workplace.

Get a little quiet place, even if you ain’t getting, plug your earphones on, tune to some instrumental stuff in a sufficiently low volume and close your eyes. Connect yourselves to your inner self.

Meditate for 5-7 minutes, and there you go. You’ll feel relieved.medidate

2. Deep breathing

This one is an immediate solution!

At times when you feel too panicked or stressful, what you can do is to close your eyes, place your right hand on your tummy and left on your chest. Take a long deep breath, feel starting at your abdomen and slowly going upwards and then slowly release it through your mouth.

Repeat this for 5-10 times and feel the difference.

3. Drink a plenty of water

Water is the solvent that can intoxicate our body internally.water

In a survey, it has been observed that in a group of 40 people, 26 who drank water in regular intervals were more active during the day than those who did not.

Hence, this universal solvent actually decreases you stress level and keep you active all day long.

4. Some good MUSIC

OK, now that’s my favorite part. Most of us like music. Studies have proven that music actually lowers the heart rate and relaxes the mind.

musicWhen the day feels too hectic and the pressure is hard to handle, what you can do is to take a little break. 5 minutes won’t cause too harm to your work!

Plug in your earphones and tune your favourite tracks on.

One more thing, if its a suitable atmosphere for you, sing your heart out with full enthusiasm. Trust me, it’s the best way to relax your mind.


  1. Good company

We all know that staying with people who make you feel happy keep you feel light all day. At the most stressful times, a little chit chat with your friends, fellow mates, colleges can lighten your mood and then you can get back to your work with much more enthusiasm.


  1. LOL- laugh out loud

Studies show that a good belly laugh lowers your cholesterol level (stress inducing hormone) and boosts endorphins (brain chemical) that helps on your mood.

lolWhat you need to do is to tune to some comedy video, or read a good magazine, or even do a little chit chat with good people. Laugh as much as you can and get automatically recharged for the day ahead.



These are some of the immediate things that can be done for relieving stress.

Have a STRESS-FREE day !

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