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How to fasten the growth of your beard and moustache?

This article is about how to increase the growth rate of beard and moustache. Men have always been obsessed with beard and moustache. From centuries, facial hair has created an essence of pride amongst the men centric society. In-fact, men in this world cannot be defined without moustache and beard.

Beard has always been a symbol of Masculinity

Though many researchers have claimed that hair growth is a genetic problem, there are various ways you can promote your facial hair growth. Some of the fastest affecting therapies are:

  • Let it GROW!

Some of the common mistakes what people do are, styling and trimming the facial hair frequently. Usually people think that frequent trimming will fasten the growth process.

Never do that! It stops the natural extent of hair growth making them thin and unproductive.

If you want to grow your hair without those ugly patches, leave them alone for four five weeks.

Various Paleo diet products on wooden table

  • Proper Diet!

A healthy diet is a must needed thing for strong and dense hair.

Vitamin A , Vitamin B , Vitamin c , and Vitamin E, stimulates sebum which keeps your hair hydrated, increases blood flow in your skin making it more productive. For gaining these vitamins, you can include green leafy vegetables, meat, egg, beans, carrot, nuts, avocado and sprouts in your daily diet.

With this diet you also need to manage a proper water level in your body for hydration.

amla oil

  • Amla Oil Massage!

Amla is rich in Vitamin C, nutrients, carbohydrates, antioxidants, proteins and minerals which revitalize the skin and boosts the rich hair growth. Take 15 minutes of your day to massage your skin with amla oil and see the difference in 1 month. Your scalp will be much productive this time.

  • Commit to Exercise!

A manlexercisey thing is not so easy to get. You need to work hard for that beard.

Exercising on a daily basis reduces your weight which in turn increases your testosterone.

Testosterone plays a very crucial part in hair growth. It fastens the growth and makes you look manlier. Apart from this; exercise also increases your blood circulation which promotes facial hair growth at a much faster rate.


  • Exfoliate your face frequently!
    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Blend Images/REX (3171713a) Model Released - Man Washing Face In Basin, Edmonds, Wa VARIOUS
    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Blend Images/REX (3171713a)
    Model Released – Man Washing Face In Basin, Edmonds, Wa

Dirt and pollution stick to your skin blocking the hair follicles. Try to keep your face clean using proper cleansers and face products. Use more of vitamin B skin products. Wash your face frequently and avoid applying thick layers of creams for better results. Massage your face daily in a circular motion with olive oil, towards the direction you want the hair to grow. Clean your face before sleeping and apply a good moisturizer and let it work over your damaged cells at night.


Now, you know that you know the way to a woman’s heart. Get set and go for a much needed change.

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