We all want that thick, lusturous and damage free hair. How jealous do we feel when we see someone with beautiful hairs, don’t we?

Applying masks and getting into medical supplements are not the only ways to get good looking hair. And obviously, just because it ‘looks healthy, doesn’t mean it is healthy.’ Appearances are often deceptive, after all. The market is full of products and techniques to ‘fake’ a healthy looking hair bunch. What we should really rely upon is the food. Healthy diet always leads to healthier hair growth.

Here are five of the best food items that you can use in order to get pretty, long and, obviously, naturally healthy hair.


  1. Whole grains

Whole grains are the energy cells of vitamin B, zinc and iron. These are really good for hair follicles. Consumption of food rich in whole grains, like barley, ragi, bajra, oats, etc can actually boost hair growth.


  1. Green vegetables (dark)

The dark green vegetables are rich in vitamin A, C, zinc and follic acid, that are work magic for health. Hence, act as strength boosters for hair as well. Include vegetables like spinach and broccoli in your daily diet and make way for healthy hair.


  1. Dark chocolateIMG-20160805-WA0002

Dark chocolate! Yumm! Yes, dark chocolate is as worth praising for hair as it is for our taste buds. Rich in vitamin B, zinc and iron, of course, it strengthens hair and give it a thicker look.

  1. EggsIMG-20160805-WA0010

Rich in selenium, zinc, iron, etc, and biotin: vitamin B that boosts hair growth, eggs are one of the essential supplements for a diet of healthy hair. Also, they are a brilliant source of protein that helps oxygen reach the hair follicles, hence, exhibits better growth.

  1. Almonds and Walnuts

IMG-20160805-WA0003Almonds and walnuts are dry fruits that are fuller in biotin, vitamin E and omega 3, that pushes forward the hair growth and also add shine to hair strands.


These are the five magical wands that can actually help getting healthy hair.

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