Easily reduce Belly Fat

How to reduce belly fat by following these effective steps! Building a healthy breakfast: Choose a protein: eggs, beans, peanut butter, nuts, lean meat. Choose a fiber: oats, fresh fruit, leafy green vegetables. Minimize refined sugar: Avoid sugary cereal, pancakes, pastries, instant oatmeal Tip: Oats and other low-GI carbs maintain …

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We all want that thick, lusturous and damage free hair. How jealous do we feel when we see someone with beautiful hairs, don’t we? Applying masks and getting into medical supplements are not the only ways to get good looking hair. And obviously, just because it ‘looks healthy, doesn’t mean …

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Black little irritating bunch of spots all over the face. That’s how we describe black heads right? Yes, it’s the same. At first they are just some white spots which later turn darker in colour and end up becoming black highlighted marks. Black heads arise due to blockage of skin …

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