The world sees glamour. Everybody wants to look perfect before stepping out to the world. Perfect body, perfect face, perfect hair, perfect lips, everything perfect is all that we want. Among these, perfect pink lips is something that most of us have special concern for. What if we don’t have …

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Tips To Remove Dark Circles

Presence of ‘Dark circles’ has been a common issue now a days. Pollution, allergies, genetics, thyroid issues, habits like smoking, etc.,are some of the common reasons for deep dark circles under the eyes. Even excessive exposure to sun is one of the reasons. Not necessarily is clinical treatment the only …

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There are a basket full of skincare products in the market which promises clear and healthy skin to the public. Cleansers and scrubs are always our former choices, but there always lies one question, why a toner? Here’s the answer! Following are the reasons that justify why toners are one …

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