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Long Lasting and Waterproof makeup for Navratri season

Navratri season is on its boom so as the need for long lasting and waterproof makeup. These 9 days are meant for dance and enjoyment which eventually leads to sweaty face. Its important the your makeup last long and you don’t have to rush for touch-up again and again. Makeup should also be waterproof otherwise your face will look cakey. In this blog I will share some tips to keep your makeup waterproof and last long so that you feel fresh even at the end of the day.

Moisturize and prime: always apply a good moisturizer or even better to use primer so that your makeup will have something to hold on to. Moisturizer and primer act as a barrier between your skin and makeup. It helps the makeup to glide on and also last longer.

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Concealer: Use concealer to hide blemishes and any discoloration on your skin. Concealer usually have more coverage on skin and because it is slightly drier so will last longer. It also allow you to apply a very thin layer of long lasting foundation to simply even out your skin tone.

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Layer MakeUp Products: You can use cream bronzers, blushers and high lighters. Apply a very thin layer of each of these products and blend well with your skin.Now simply apply the matching face powder. This will set the cream on place and it will also give the powder something to hold on to so they all last longer.

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Eyes: For eyes, apply a thin layer of cream based which will match your eye shadow. Everyone hates when eye liner smudges throughout the day so here is a tip for that; you need a pencil eye liner and a gel eye liner. Dip the pencil eye liner into gel eye liner of any color you want and apply onto waterline. It will intensify the liner look and prevents smudging. For eye brows use brows brush instead of brows pencil.

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Lips:  Apply lip stain of your lips. As lips stain set make an outline with lips liner to the final shape and also use it to fill in the shape. For applying lipstick use a brush to fill in the color. Bloat with the tissue and reapply for long lasting effect.

Waterproof Products: Use waterproof maskara as it will hold your lashes in shape. Firstly apply waterproof maskara and finish it off with your favorite maskara or start with your maskara and then apply a thin layer of waterproof maskara to seal the lashes.


Setting powder or Spray: Never forget to set your makeup in place with setting powder or setting spray.

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Here you go!!!!


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