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Dancing is something everybody loves. Doesn’t matter we know the steps or not, doesn’t matter if we know dancing at all, when the music is turned on, none of us can sit back. It has always been a favorite to all.

What’s more interesting is that, apart of the fun point of view, dancing has many benefits that work as magic on human body.


  • Calorie burner

It’s always the fitness part that we look for, isn’t it?

Dancing boosts up the circulation of blood in the body and helps burning those extra calories, apart from building your stamina.

Studies prove that we can loose 10-20 calories per minute, depending upon the speed and intensity of movement.

  • Forever Young

When are we called young?

Of course,it is when we look fit and all the organs of our body work actively.

Dancing benefits the heart and cardiovascular system directly and improves the lung capacity. Hence, slows down the aging process. Tap_at_the_Barre._Dance_for_PD_at_Mark_Morris_Dance_Center._Photo_by_Amber_Star_Merkens

Here comes the controversy. How can age be slowed down?

Well, it cannot be, it’s just that humans age not in terms of their body, but in terms of their mind. Most of us become old much before we actually have reached that age. Dancing keeps the human mind alive and lets it feel active. And that’s how it keeps it young…forever.

Secondly, with passage of age, human organ system slows down gradually. That’s how we become old and weak. Dancing boosts up the heart rate, the lung capacity, and eventually makes the system active making it young, all over again.

If you dance regularly, you’ll stay young forever.

  • Blood

For determining health condition, the examination of both good and band cholesterol is necessary.

Dancing initiates and aids the lipid control and eventually raises the good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL). Hence, results in better blood.

Again, dancing controls blood sugar level and act as magic for the diabetics.dancer_jump


  • Stronger Bones

Dancing helps aiding of osteoporosis for both men and women.

For example, in women, the post menopausal phase comes with less extraction of estrogen, which then prohibits the absorption of calcium by the bones, making them weaker.

Dancing balances the estrogen level and hence, keeps the bones strong.

Also, dancing keeps the joints lubricated and prevent arthritis.

Isn’t dancing magical!!!

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