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Nail It – Nail Care Tips

When we talk of fitness and staying healthy, there are a few areas that we hardly consider. One of such are our nails. Since the ancient times, medi-facts have witnessed that most of the diseases that our body acquire is are reflected though our nails, alternatively, our body acquires diseases through our nails, on many cases. So, what we need to do is to look after our nails a bit more.

Yes, we do look after them, but then, that’s just on its beauty point of view. Manicures that most of the parlors and salons offer are one of the best ways to take care of ones nails, but these manicures are into too much of chemicals that initially do not harm much, but gradually cause damage to the nails. Hence its better to pamper the nails a bit more naturally and in a homely atmosphere than getting into the market for some heavy experiments.

Here are some of the Do (s) for keeping nails healthy-

  1. Clean your nails and cuticle daily.

Dermatologists suggests to use soap in toothbrush for cleansing the nails. Brushing the nails gently with toothbrush with mild soap helps cleaning it easily without the use of any heavy chemical.

  1. Apply some good moisturizer.

Our skin needs moisturizer for protecting it from damage, so does our nails.Our nails have a thin coating, known as Keratin, which protects our nails. Too much exposure to sun and heavy chemicals can wear out the Keratin layer causing damage to the nails. Hence it is needed to be protected.

Locking moisture helps keeps things look fresh and healthy. Moisturizer does the same to the nails. It makes the nails look bright and protects it from damage as well.

  1. Choose nail colors smartly.images (17)

Nail colors now a days are full of chemicals like dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde. These toxins can contribute to splitting cracking and brittleness of the nails.

While choosing your nail color make sure to check the things it is made up of.


  1. Removing the nail color.

Use acetone- free nail polish remover for cleaning out the extra paint from your nail. Those with acetone can damage the cuticle as well as the Keratin layer of the nails as they cause extra drying.


  1. Keeps metals away

While cutting and filing the nails avoid the digging of metal too deep into the layer of skin. This can cause dis-attachment of the nails from the skin. Keep a safe distance so that the task can be done without any damage.


  1. Keep the filer handy

Obviously we cannot always keep a check on our nails. It does break and crack. What we can do is to file the extra nail out immediately after it breaks, so that it does not cause the breakage of the remaining.

images (20)

  1. Better healthy than beautiful

We prefer a long filed nail over a small one. But then, longer the nail, more the amount of dirt in it and more the care it needs. Better keeping it on a medium length so that it looks both beautiful and stays healthy as well.

images (19)Bonus tip- Make sure to apply a base layer of nail color (the semi-transparent one) before working out with those nails paints and nail arts. It helps avoiding unnecessary breakage and also makes the upper layer of color look brighter and shinier.

These are the few little things that can be done for keeping the nails healthy and beautiful.

Happy Nailing !

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