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Never ever throw Orange Peel

We all love oranges but what we do with orange peels? People enjoy oranges, its juice and orange flavored food and drinks as it rich in vitamin C. As the matter of fact for orange peels; yes we obviously throw it away in trash as it is of no use for us.  We can’t eat it but there are several things we can do with orange peels at home. So instead of throwing it away make use of it.

The value of orange peel can be estimated by the fact that each year dried orange peel is sold for $30 to $50 a pound and for over 100 years it has been used by Chinese.

Brighten Skin Tone: Orange peel is a natural bleacher that will help your skin tones. With the use of orange peel your dark spots, pigmentation and skin marks can be lighten. It also keep your skin supple as it is rich in vitamin C. In addition it also removes dull from your skin and gives you a healthy glow. Orange peel also protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

How to make a mask? – Dry orange peel in the sun for 3 to 4 days and then grind it, thus your orange peel powder is ready. Mix two teaspoon of each orange peel powder and yogurt and make a smooth paste. Also add a teaspoon of honey in it. Apply this face mask on your face and gently rub in a circular motion. Let it set on for 15 to 20 mins and then wash it with warm water. For better results use this face mask three times a week.

Anti-aging: Orange peel have high antioxidants properties which helps to fight free radicals. These radicals are harmful for healthy skin cells and therefore it make the aging process faster thus causing wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines on your skin. Orange peel have astringent properties therefore it is also a good skin toner.

Make a paste using one teaspoon of each orange peel and oatmeal powder along with honey in it. Apply this mask on your face and neck area. Let it sit for about 30 mins and then wash it off with cold water. Use this mask once a week.

Weight Loss: Orange peel can also help you to achieve your desire weight as it is also responsible for weight loss. As it is usually said that most of the nutrition are in the peel and in case of orange it is specially vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps to burn fat. Include orange peel tea in your weight loss regime. 

Put 1 teaspoon of dried orange peel in hot water. Cover and let it sit for 10 to 15 mins. Stain the water in a cup and add little honey to it.

Whiten teeth: Get rid of that yellow tinge from your teeth using fresh orange peel. A compound called d-limonene is highly contained in orange peel is proven helpful in lessening teeth stains.

Rub the inner white part of fresh orange peel of your teeth and wash with warm water. Do it once or twice a day depending on your stains.

Get rid of smelly shoes: It doesn’t mean you throw away your shoes but instead use orange peel to get rid of stinky smell from your shoes. Before placing your shoes in your closet or shoe rack, place a sachet filled with orange peels in each shoe. So next time you wear your shoes it will give fresh odor as orange peel absorbs the awful smell and keep it fresh for a long time.


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