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General food which is not a healthy meal

An individual may be unaware of the nutritional components of their food choices and assume that their choices are healthy and thus there diet includes healthy meals. Nowadays people are more conscious to there diet plan then ever, and are taking responsibility for their own health, therefore individuals must need all the data they can get their hands on to make healthful meals selections.

Nutritional specialists preached the importance of calories intake vs. energy expended.” The FDA careworn a 2,000 calorie eating regimen and the USDA created the food pyramid that depicted grains as an important nutrient needed for good well being. Be leery when any particular person attempts to rationalize eating or consuming one thing because of one single nutrient present in that food and avoiding all the negative impact it has on our body.


Though it is not desirable to eat cooked vegetation, exposing plant proteins (pre-digested amino acids) to high temperatures doesn’t have the identical deleterious results on our well being as a result of these peptide chains don’t exist in plant protein.

Consuming too many saturated and/or trans fats poses several health dangers like growing coronary heart disease or diabetes. Now it is time to reveal the real dietary influence of commonly misunderstood foods.
Understanding the complexities behind these misunderstood foods helps individuals to make effectively-informed decisions about what they’re consuming.

Starting from the breakfast we all are making some common mistakes. instead of starting our day with healthy meal we are keeping on indulging ourselves into unhealthy one.

  • Juice: Mostly health conscious people go for fruit juice instead of coke. It does contain some nutritious vitamins which is a plus point but it is overridden by the amount of calories and sugar it contains. Therefore it is nearly equals to as drinking can of coke. Some juices also contain harmful preservatives. Even those juices which are preservatives free are not considered in healthy meal because it contains high amount of corn syrup and additives.
  • cereals and cornflakes: We all have a misconception that most commonly breakfast items like cereals or cornflakes are included in healthy meal and are best thing to start with but isn’t true. Now, obviously the sugary cereal that is specially for kids is unhealthy. But even the brands that claims themselves as healthy and fat free contains an equal amount of sugar and preservatives which eventually harm your health. Since the manufacturer destroy the original minerals and vitamins to add their own preservatives and flavors there is nothing left as healthy. Even if you found that still have some amount of original ingredients, its better to opt for whole foods for breakfast.
  • multigrain or wheat bread: All knows that white bread is unhealthy so what we generally do next? We finds its substitute which is called multigrain bread and wheat bread( brown bread). But what we din’t realized that these alternatives which are supposed healthy are not that much better. No doubt whole wheat is good for us and is included in healthy meal. But whole wheat bread which you finds on supermarket shelves are not even close to healthy because it is hardly wholewheat. It is actually made from flour that have their nutrients stripped out during processing as done with white bread. Consuming these type of food can increase the risk of high blood sugar and heart disease. Thus it is recommended to include wholewheat in your diet which in addition helps you to maintain your body weight.
  • Peanut Butter (reduced fat or fat free): Including phrases like reduced fat or fat free is merely are marketing trick. These kind of products pretends like they are healthy alternative to a product that is considered to be fatty by eliminating the fat. This removed fat is thus replaced by other more unhealthy thing like sugar and flavored fillings to retain their basic taste while retaining most of the calories. Moreover the dietary information provided on product is confusing but still one must check it before consuming it. At last you are eating the product less tasty then the original for no reason. Thus reduced fat products are also not included in healthy meal.
  • Muffins: We all love muffins as how these little cake like thing can harm our diet. Muffins are considered perfect tea time snack specially blueberry flavor. But the bitter truth is that no matter what type or flavor of muffin it is still muffin is a miniature form of cake loaded with sugar, calories, unhealthy fat and flour which is nutrition-less.
  • Energy bar: As the name suggest it is for energy and should only be consumed if you are in need for it. Thus it is recommended for people which are involve in heavy workout. Energy bar is considered as meal replacement so that your body does not lack energy when exhausted. Unlike in the advertisements; depicting them to contain high protein, mostly energy bar are loaded with sugar, fat, calories and oil same as the normal candy. So go for the one with less calories and sugar content and high in protein.
  • Sport Drink: These drinks are mostly consumed by athletes; those who push their bodies beyond breaking point. Doesn’t matter whether if you are a sporty person or not still if you want to have healthy flavored drink you will opt for sports drink thinking that it is great in nutrition. But you can’t consider yourself sporty by merely having 5 to 6 push up or light exertion. These drinks are not meant for you; as it contain great amount of heavy salt and sugar. Sport drink is less unhealthy as compared to soft drink but still it is not advisable to consume it normally.
  • Packed salads: Salad is the first thing on everyone’s mind when starting there diet plan or even thinking of it. Salad is a full bowl of nutrition without any fat and thus is a healthy meal. But the packed salad ends up in calories same as the fast food. So start preparing your salad at home using freshly cut vegetables and dressing.
  • Fish: It will be quiet shocking but fish contains some harmful toxins. The main reason is storage; fish are kept in horrifying bad condition which thus is prone to disease and parasites. Therefore to avoid this situation these fishes are pumped with antibiotics and harmful chemicals.



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