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Not Losing weight no matter how harder you try

Gym, dieting, yoga, zumba, healthy eating habits etc you must have tried everything. But still if you are the one which are not able to loss weight this now then keep reading this article. Losing weight is not any rocket science but still if you struggle with weight loss regime then here are some tips and reason you must follow to get to your path.

Firstly lets discuss what may be the reasons you are not losing weight inspite of doing everything.

  1. Skipping meals: What we generally do is for weight loss is eating less by skipping meals. We starve our-self thinking that it will result into weight loss. Skipping meals does not meant that your calories intake is less. And this regime starts from the morning. Eating nothing or only a fruit like apple or banana and thinking that will eat something for brunch or lunch will help you to reduce weight. Thus skipping breakfast will never contribute in weight loss and if you realize that you have loss weight then you have misunderstood. This weight loss is muscle loss and not fat loss so when you eat something this weight will bounce back.
  2. Deficiency of Vitamin D: It is always recommended by doctors all over the world that you test your blood every 6 months to record the Vitamin D status. If you are Vitamin D deficient then there will be problem for you to loss weight. So start planning your diet with the help of nutritionist which have supple amount of Vitamin D and calcium or you can also take supplements for Vitamin D. 
  3. Sleep: If you have inadequate sleep then this might be the reason for not losing weight. Inadequate sleep may be because you sleep late and rise early or not sleeping comfortably besides you are 8 hours on bed. This can increase stress level and anxiety. The solution to insomnia is chamomile tea. Chamomile tea will definitely help you to get sound and calm sleep. 
  4. Excess Calories: If there is a huge gap between calories intake versus calories output then this might be the cause that you are not losing weight. Mostly people think that doing a workout will help for weight loss but its not true. Merely doing workout will not help much. Workout with proper healthy diet is the key for weight loss.
  5. Hypothyroidism: If you have imbalanced thyroid level then there will be problem for weight loss. The solution for this is to plan your diet according to hypothyroidism and always keep your weight checked. There are some food which must be avoid if your are suffering from hypothyroidism. Firstly you must avoid the consumption of Goitrogenic Food  which includes soya bean, peanuts, millet, flax seeds. Some vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli must also be avoided.
  6. PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome): If your menstrual cycle is irregular because of hormonal imbalance or for any other reason then you must consult a good gynecologist. Weight loss can be difficult with PCOS so plan your diet accordingly. Avoid sodium with PCOS. 

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