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Personal trainer usually fools you by saying these lies

Gym is not only a fitness center but also a huge industry in which all are investing. And to run this business they are ready to do any thing to attract customers to there gyms. Gyming sector is a large pond with many big and small companies as there fishes. One of the facility gym generally offers to you is to give special attention to you by some coach or personal trainer which are usually certified. The trend of personal training started in the year 1986 where this term is used in the national fitness and trade journal.

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Health and fitness does not go hand in hand together because fitness is mainly focused to get in shape physically. Lots of people exercise together daily but hardly gets any visible results. So they seek help of a personal trainer to instruct them. But these personal trainer does not have thorough knowledge of what they are doing including physiologically or scientifically. However they must be more concern about health. You will find personal trainer working with people and doing all kind of weird thing that sometimes amazes you. You feels that gym trainer know what exactly you want and how to get your body in shape. This leads you to believe that this is the kind of workout training is all you need.

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There are some good personal trainer also who knows what they are actually talking about and have complete knowledge of the fitness sector. But some personal trainers are doing business, they know marketing techniques very well. They lure money out of you and give you training your less efficient or crazy exercises that might seems to be unique. Every week they will change your exercise regime so that you are bound to them and does not get bored. Here are some myths as well as lies that personal trainers tell you:

  1. Calories: Whenever we want to loss weight the first think we consider is to count calories. Our interest is mainly on calories intake and how many calories we burnt in workout exercise but truth is little bit different regarding this. If we put two people on the same calories diet then there might be chances that one will gain 2 kg in 1 month and other will gain 6 to 7 kg in 1 month. This theory is also true even for twins with same body structure. Therefore it is not true that all calories are equal.
  2. Low fat- YES and high fat- NO: This is the myth that low fat food is healthy as compared to high fat food. The study have shown that people who are on natural high fat diet have more chances to live longer then that of people on artificial low fat diet. So the point to be concluded is that eat healthy diet including every nutrient required by our body. That means eat real food and avoid processed unhealthy can food labeled as low fat or fat free.
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  3. Less food and more exercise: Not all but some personal trainer suggest that if you eat less and exercise more and count each calories intake you will get that perfect shaped body. But that’s not true and this theory can be proven wrong. By following this regime people are more tend to be obese and diabetic and also have the issue of food allergies. The only method to be in shape and also be healthy is to focus on quality of food you consume. Basically you are feeding your microbes in the body. Natural real food provides these microbes polyphenols you commonly know it by antioxidants which boost your metabolism.
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