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sun tan and pigmentation
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Remove pigmentation and sun tan from your face

Sun tan and pigmentation is very common. As we are exposed to the hot climate which causes darkening of skin called tan which further if not treated results in pigmentation. Pigmentation is also caused by other factors like hormonal unbalance, lack of some nutrients in the body or less moisture underneath the skin due to insufficient water drinking habits. Pigmentation is also caused by some chemicals reaction on your skin. It is generally uneven patches on your face and body.

During summer season our skin is more prone to harmful UV rays. These rays not only gives you sun tan and pigmentation but also photo damage the skin which results in early signs of ageing. Here are some tips to avoid sun tan and pigmentation during summers.

“”Prevention is better then cure” this statement is extremely true in case of sun tan and pigmentation. The treatment for sun tan and specially pigmentation takes a really long time and money so its better to prevent it from coming. You can prevent it from forming by using only one product that is sunscreen. You must always use a broad spectrum sunscreen which block both UVA and UVB. Apply a suitable amount on face and to the body parts that are directly exposed to the sun. Always apply it atleast 15 mins before stepping out so that it can completely settle down on your skin.

Now comes the SPF, sun protection factor. How to choose it correctly. On daily basis if your work is not something that makes you stand in direct sunlight then an SPF 30 is recommended. If your work is in open area where you are exposed directly to sun or if you are going on a trip, beach, water park etc then SPF of 50+ will do the work. Reapply your sun block every 3 – 4  hours for better results. To know which sunscreen is best for you then click here.

Along with the application of sunscreen one more thing that is important to reduce sun tan and pigmentation is Vitamin C. Due to the exposure to UV rays and pollution our skin generates free radical. These free radicals damages your melanin producing cells. You can prevent the production of free radicals by antioxidants. For this you can take antioxidant supplements but its better to take it in natural form like citrus fruits. Another option is to directly apply on it on your skin by using Vitamin C serum.

Therefore apply a good sunscreen and vitamin C serum for better protection from sun rays and avoid any chances of sun tan and pigmentation. These were some suggestion to prevent sun tan and pigmentation. But if you already facing it then there are some products available in the market that can rescue you.

This face pack from mamaearth with charcoal, coffee, clay and fruit extracts. Charcoal will soak away all the impurities from your pores whereas coffee will lighten the pigmentation. Clay and fruit extracts will help your skin to get tighten and give you smooth glowing skin. This face pack will give you cooling sensation so its best for summer days.

  •  Forest Essentials Facial, Ubtan Multani Mitti

    This face pack is in powder form so its really suitable if you want some organic product. It is a natural ingredient based product with mainly turmeric which is used for sun tan and pigmentation from ancient time. This face pack also have multani mitti in it which smoothen the skin. It is suitable for all skin type but method to use it is different for each skin type. That is:-
  • Oily skin- Face pack mixed with distilled water

    Normal skin- face pack mixed with rose water or aloe vera gel

    Dry skin- face pack mixed with raw milk

  •  Royal Indulgence Lodhradi Face Mask

This face pack is 100% organic and ayurvedic product that will give you flawless skin. It is all in one face pack for skin in powder form. This face pack is actually a complete package that will help with so many face related problem like it detox, detan your skin. It is for hyper-pigmentation, pimples, blemishes and skin repair. This product is a little more expensive then other mentioned product but this face pack works amazing on skin. For the first time user you can feel a little burning sensation because it is made up of all natural ingredient and it won’t harm your skin.

Click here: For more tips to remove sun tan naturally at home

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