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Retain beauty of your eyes

Eyes are the mirror of your soul, and a mirror never lies. But why is it that’s haunting, every time you are looking at the mirror.

What is scarier? Is it the fear of ageing and losing your eyesight or living a blurred adulthood.

Though the fashion industry has assorted spectacles into fashion trends, there are times you feel helpless about the same.

Of course, using contact lenses can save you from some embarrassing moments but not always.

BeautynTheFit suggests you to stop all the tantrums and lead a healthy life with those free, naked, beautiful eyes .Here are some easy tips for the same.

1) Minimal use of Digital technologies

Did I just say something impossible?

Point1If you think so, remember your childhood days when you were more exposed to the real world rather than just screens. Weren’t your healthier? Yes! You were!

Still, if your work doesn’t allow you to do so, you can always adjust the contrast of your mobile, TV or computer screens or use minimal power glasses as prescribed by your doctor to save your eyes from harmful rays.

Sit at 1 arm distance from your computer/TV and adjust your screen to 15-20 degree angle. This avoids direct attack of rays. Keep your mobile phones at the distance of 15-20 inches from your face to avoid strain.

Don’t sit at one place for long time. It affects your spinal cord, brain and eyes causing cervical degenerations and stiffness.

2) Wear Sunglasseswear_sunglasses

When exposed to sun, better wear sunglasses.

The smartest way to ditch sun is to wear glasses with 90 -100% of UV protection.

UV rays steal the moisture of your eyes, making them look dry and pale.

The sharp UV rays may also be a reason of your long time itchy eyes. So, always carry sunglasses in a sunny day.

vitamin c vitamin c 2

3) Take Vitamin C and A

Whether it is to improve your health or vision in dark, Vitamin C and A play a vital role.

They are said to be the powerhouse of all vitamins.

While, Vitamin C finds its way through dark green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale etc; Yellow and orange foods are a great source of vitamin A.

For a direct intake of Vitamin C, you can also take an orange a day.

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries again are richest source of Vitamin C.vitamin A

For direct intake of Vitamin A, you can eat a carrot a day. Carrots have always been the best for your eyesight.

4) Smoking is Injurious to eyes as well

If you are a smoker, then it’s high time to put that butt off.

Young woman breaking cigarette over white background

Smoking doesn’t only affect your lungs but can be a major reason behind the muscular degeneration of your eyes or cataracts. It can also cause nerves system damage which is a big case of concern.

It’s better to quit smoking before that smoke blurs your eyesight.


5) Drink water and blink eyes

The easiest way to be eye fit is to drink plenty of water and to blink your eyes frequently for avoiding dryness.

Water hydrates your body and improves the efficiency of your eyes to produce tears.drink-more-water

Water helps the fluids to easily flow inside the body and hence, carry a proper functioning of the entire system.

In the same way, blinking your eyes makes them moist through a proper flow of fluids into the eyes. Stop rubbing your eyes for better vision for a longer time.


Note: Take a proper medical checkup after every 2 years from your eye specialist to avoid any ageing diseases.

Afterall,BeautynTheFit always wants its viewers to be able to read its articles with those beautiful eyes.

Stay healthy,Take care!

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