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SLEEPING BEAUTY! – benefits of sleep

Probably the most favorite word of the youth today is ‘Sleep’.

‘Kisiko aati nahi,Kisiki jaati nahi…’

Though, it is a subject of concern for the parents, youngsters seem to enjoy their laid back behavior with long hours of sleep. What if I say that sleep is good for your Health??

Yes, this article can add a little sugar coating to your daily excuses on sleep, to your boss and parents.

Here are some Benefits:

Glowing Skin

A sleep deprived person can never have a glowing skin. Since lack of sleep causes increased stressed hormones causing severe inflammatory skin conditioned like acne, dark circle, eczema etc.

If you want to fall in love with your skin, you need to fall in love with your perfect 7-8 hours sleep first.


Controls aging process

Living young with looks is as important as living young at heart. Therefore a good sleep allows the growth hormones to repair the damaged skin cells, revitalizing the potential to fight diseases with ease.


Fights depression, increases concentrationfight depression

Sleep is the only phenomena that affect your mind and soul at the same time. Researchers have, time and again proved that a sleep deprived person is noticed to be more anxious, cantankerous and uneasy as compared to the one who takes an adequate sleep.

It’s always better to be in good terms with your sleep to keep yourself calm and mentally available wherever needed!


Good sexgood sex

American researches in 2010 found out that people with good sleep are even better at sex.

We have interviewed some couples for the same, who have agreed to the point that a relaxed and composed sleep increases their sexual insight and strength.

fights cancerFights cancer

Many physicians and researchers have found that the people who work in night shifts are more prone to colon and breast cancer than other employees.


Weight managementweight management

Today, when everyone is running on treadmills for putting off their fat, we have better and a less tiresome remedy. Yes, the metabolism of a person who sleeps often is more.Hence, the chances of weight gain automatically lowers down.

I know that after knowing the advantages of your daily habit, you are definitely looking for a Good Night Sleep. But let us just have a quick look on the tips to sleep well.

water before bed Reading In Bed

  1. Keep all electronic items away from your bedroom.Yes, that mobile phone too!
  2. Sleep in a nicely washed cotton bed-sheet.Use a good detergent with less fragrance to wash it.
  3. Don’t drink much water late night.
  4. Don’t take a meal just before your sleep. Keep a gap of 3-4 hours.
  5. Watch or listen to some peaceful songs or movies before sleeping. No bloodshed, horror or suspense thriller appreciated.
  6. Read some good and useful books or articles before sleeping. We won’t mind you follow BeautynTheFit!

Adios fellas! Stay Fit! Sleep Well!

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