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Sonakshi Sinha’s Weight loss secret

Sonakshi Sinha, the dabang girl of Bollywood is great actor with beautiful smile, innocent looks and mainly good acting skills. But the journey was not easy for her even if she was from filmy background. She was 90 kg when she decided to be a part of Bollywood industry. She shredded 30 kg to come in the present look of her and that obviously not a easy task if you are foodie. It took lot of hard work and conscious diet plan to achieve such a goal. In an interview she said that ” It was a combination of proper diet and vigorous exercise that got me to the shape I am in now”.

The motivation for Sonakshi weight loss is Salman Khan who encouraged her to loss weight for her first film. As a result of his motivation Sonakshi was able to loose 30 kg. The workout regime of Sonakshi is not monotonous  but it is versatile. Sonakshi hit the gym atleast twice a weak. Her gyming regime is a combination of cycling, cardio exercises, functional training and weight training. Her favorite is rope jump. She also prefer hot yoga for flexible body. Sonakshi is also a sports loving person and we all know there is no better exercise then being involved n one or more sports. She loves to swim and also play tennis. 

As we are all aware of the fact that you can’t loss weight by merely depending on exercise. Weight loss program coexist with two things firstly exercise and secondly diet. So now its turn to know what exactly did Sonakshi eats for that perfectly toned body. According to her interview she had given few months back she said that she eats the regular food but in small quantity then usual. She munches every 2 hours on a healthy food that helps her to keep her metabolism sound. Along with proper balanced diet another secret of her is to keep herself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. An overview of her diet plan is:

Breakfast: Sonakshi starts her day by drinking hot water with honey and lemon juice mixed in it. And then followed by a bowl of cereal and low fat milk along with whole wheat toast.

Brunch: A cup of herbal green tea and some dry fruits.

Lunch: Any one of mixed vegetable, curry, green vegetable with 2 rotis and a bowl of salad.

Evening Snack: A full bowl of fresh fruits and green tea.

Dinner: Sonakshi takes her dinner early and avoid any carbohydrate after 6 pm. At dinner she eats 1 cup dal, sabzi, a piece of chicken or fish. 

I think this will also give you some motivation to loss weight. But always be patience as it takes time to achieve your goal nothing happens overnight.

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