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Summer skin care hacks to save you

Summer season is here and so as the heat. Inspite of all the cool stuff you can do in the summers like eating ice cream, exploring beaches, surfing, etc. With all these activities comes the hot stuff like tanning, sweating, greasy skin and hair. This summer heat makes your makeup and hair a complete failure and you look like baked cake. In this article there are some summer hacks that will really save you.

If you also face the problem with your sunscreen when it gives you greasy look and leaves a white residue on your face then this summer hack will safe you from this. Make your sunscreen  little matte and your problem is solved. To mattify your sunscreen mix a small amount of concealer or BB cream into it. This will give you full sun protection with no white residue.

Avoid foundation and instead use BB or CC cream. BB or CC will not only give you coverage but also give you moisture, sun protection and last longer.

Next summer hack is quite common and we all know but its the most important one i .e. drink water. Don’t ignore this tip because it is important on daily basis to drink atleast 3 litre of water. During summer where your skin and hair are more prone to damage this will safe you from that. It give you inner glow by replenish your skin and tighten fine lines.

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Want to enjoy beach or to do water sport and still wants to look pretty then don’t use mascara. Yeah! you read it right ditch your mascara because after a while it will make you look like a panda. Summer hack to replace mascara is Vaseline petroleum jelly. Use Vaseline petroleum jelly on your eye lashes in place of mascara. If you apply Vaseline on your lashes then it will give your lashes a thicker and voluminous effect.

Next summer hack is for those girls who loves to wear shorts during summer. One and only problem with wearing shorts is that it can cause redness or rashes when your inner thigh rubbed against each other. To avoid this all you need is a deodorant stick. Apply a little on the inner thigh where rubbing occurs.

I hate smelly foot and during summer you can’t avoid this problem. No matter how clean your shoes are or how how much perfume or talcum powder your put on your feet still you get that smelly foot. Summer hack to remove odor from your feet is very simple. Just add a little mouth wash to half a bucket of water and dip your feet in that for about 10 – 15 min. You will get clean and fresh feet free from odor.

So enjoy your summer!!!


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