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Summer tips for Skin

You will be surprise to know that as compared to winter or autumn your skin dries more in summer. The reason for this are the strong sun rays; during summer the sun rays makes your skin very dry frosun-bed-755943_1920m deep inside and as you sweat more in summer and it need to be wiped out frequently thus moisture of your face fly away. Therefore is really important for you to protect your skin from damaging during summer.

Cleansing: cleansing is very important during summer whether you put make up or not. during summer your face is heated up and then you wash away your face with cold water to cool it down that is actually damaging your skin so the right way is to first cool out i.e. come to normal temperature and then start your cleansing.

Type of cleanser to be used in summer: Foam type is perfect for your skin specially if you have sensitive skin because during summer it is important to maintain balance between moisture and oil on your face so basically you need a cleanser that have amino acid in it.

Exfoliation: Exfoliation of skin is very important specially that in summer as your skin becomes more sensitive during summer as compare to other weather. Scrub used must be mild and soft; don’t use hardownloadsh one that actually harm your skin.

Mask Pack: As your skin is more exposed in sun it is required to use mask meant for summer to remove tanning. Use mask packs atleast twice or thrice a week. Always use toner before applying mask.

Moisturiser and Mist: You sweat a lot during summer and lose lot of water from your body so it is really important to have your skin moist. To avoid dry and dead skin drink water properly and always carry a mist if you step out. You can also use mist as toner. Use Moisturiser that has light texture.

sunglasses-and-lotion-clipartSunblock: Never forgets your sunscreen and apply whenever require or atleast every 5 hours. Before choosing sunscreen always check for SPF and PA.

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