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Super affordable party makeup with minimum products

Party all night!!! In today’s time for big event to small we all are giving or attending parties and party means nice dress, perfectly groomed hair, put on the high heels and mostly importantly makeup. We, women are super conscious about our looks. As their are lots of functions and parties to attend we can’t afford to go to parlor now and then. On the other hand we still want to look as beautiful as possible so that other women envy us. So the only option left is to get ready at home. Again other problem arises, we have no idea how to get that parlor look and if we want to try we don’t have half the products that are used for that pretty face.

If you are facing this problem then this article is specially for you. You can do party makeup with merely 5 products that are also super affordable and easily available. There is list of product that we will use which includes-

  1. L’oreal true match concealer
  2. Rimmel stay matte pressed powder
  3. makeup revolution palette contour
  4. Eyeliner and mascara
  5. Lipstick

Step 1. Concealer can also be used as a foundation, so you need not have to buy one specially if you have clear skin. Apply using strokes on forehead, cheeks, chin and little bit on nose. Now use beauty blender to blend it out. You can also use finger tips to do so. This will be just a sheer layer of concealer on your face so it won’t be giving you a full coverage, it will only give you medium coverage. Therefore if you think you want little bit of more coverage for the party then apply one more layer of concealer or you can also apply it to only certain areas that require more coverage like acne scars, blemishes or spots.

Step 2. Use pressed powder to set that concealer underneath your eyes so that it won’t crease as a result your makeup will not look cakey even after several hours. Apply a very thin layer of this powder; like dust it all over with brush just to set your entire face.

step 3.  Again its turn for concealer; use the concealer on under eye areas to cover dark circles. Apply some underneath your eyes and gently blend it out. Also use it as a primer for eye makeup base as it does the job perfectly as other eye makeup base and also you stay onto your budget. Apply a small amount of concealer on your eye lid and blend it properly and set it with some nude eye shadow or powder so it does not crease. In addition it also provide a smooth base for eye shadow you want to finally apply.

Step 4. Now its eye makeup for which I specially recommend makeup revolution palette contour as it is compact and affordable. Start with the bronzing shade and with the help of brush apply it on the upper crease area. Since only one shade is used therefore blend it perfectly so there would be no harsh lines. Apply multi-layer on the outer corner of your eye to build up the intensity and blend it into the crease. Next take the highlighter from the palette and apply on the inner corner of your eyelid and blend it to the all over. Again take the bronze shade and apply it at the very outer outer corner of your eye. Also apply this bronze shade on your lash line using thin brush. Use high lighter shade to highlight the inner corner of your eyes and eyebrows bone.

Step 5. Use eyeliner on the line above eyelashes. Your can apply winged shape eyeliner or the normal one as you desire. To increase the volume of eyelashes use mascara. Instead of false eyelashes apply multi-layer of mascara as it will do the same job perfectly.

Step 6. Finish up your face makeup by using bronze shade from the palette on your cheek bone. Add some blush shade from the palette for that pinky natural cheeks and lastly apply some highlighter above cheek bone and some on nose and forehead.

Strep 7. Makeup is incomplete without lipstick so now its the time to apply some. You can apply any desire shade as the makeup is natural but i will prefer some matte nude to browner shades as it will look great with the makeup.

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