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Top 13 uses of vaseline petroleum jelly

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is the most common product in our house. We have being using it since ages and still most of us don’t know in how many ways we can actually use it. We all wish for that magic and inexpensive product which can be used for all beauty purpose whether its skin or hair. Yes! you guess it right its definitely Vaseline petroleum jelly. You will be amazed to know that you can replace it by anything that is on your vanity box. Here is the list of use for Vaseline petroleum jelly:

Lip balm:  The most common and widely use of Vaseline petroleum jelly is as lip balm. It give moist and soft lips during winters.

Scrub: You can use Vaseline petroleum jelly as a soft scrub. For this scrub all you need is to mix some sugar granules or coffee or sea salt with petroleum jelly. Scrub it gently on your face and neck area. Besides scrub the Vaseline petroleum jelly will keep your skin moisturized and soft which will give you that glowing skin you always wished for.

Makeup Remover: Vaseline petroleum jelly works best makeup remove when it comes to remove waterproof makeup specially matte lipsticks. Just apply it on skin a leave it for a minute. then using a cotton ball or tissue wipe it off. It will completely remove your makeup. In addition to this you will find your skin to be very soft ans subtle. It helps to repair skin damage cause by makeup products and avoid wrinkles at early stage.

Diaper Rash: You can also use Vaseline petroleum jelly for baby skin care. It will reduce the rashes cause by diaper but before applying it wash the skin and pat dry it.

Gloss Eyeshadow: To make eyeshadow last long and for some glossy eye makeup apply some Vaseline petroleum jelly on eyelids. Its totally safe to use it and additionally will protect and moist your eyelid skin.

Hair Mask: This tip is specially for those who have dry hair. As Vaseline petroleum jelly is best to restrain moisture it can be used as hair mask. Depending on the length of your hair apply 1-2 teaspoon of Vaseline petroleum jelly mixed with some essential oil all over your hair. To completely remove petroleum jelly from hair then before washing your hair warm it using blow drier or wrap a towel dipped in hot water around your hair.

Shaped Eyebrows: We all hate it when the hair of our eyebrows are not in shape. Surely Vaseline petroleum jelly will help. Apply some of it on the tip of brush or more conveniently on clean mascara brush and comb the eyebrow to make the desired shape you want to. Thus by doing so you get the perfectly shaped eyebrow the whole day.

Long Eyelashes:  Long and thick eyelashes will be a dream comes true for every girl. You don’t have to spend time for applying fake eyelashes. To get natural Long and thick eyelashes apply little Vaseline petroleum jelly onto eyelashes using clean mascara brush before going to bed at night.

Clean Manicure: While apply nail polish on your nail apply Vaseline petroleum jelly around your cuticle skin without touching the nails. This will give you a neat manicure as nail polish does not get to skin.

Persistent Smell: Before stepping out of the house we all apply perfume. But to make your perfume scent last long apply little Vaseline petroleum jelly where you wish to apply the perfume like on neck or wrist. Vaseline petroleum jelly will absorbs the scent and you won’t have to reapply it for a long time.

Split end hair: Apply little Vaseline petroleum jelly to damaged hair end and leave it over night. Regular use of this method will repair damaged hair.

Strong Nails: To make your cuticle and nail strong then regularly apply petroleum jelly on your nails every night before going for sleep. This over night formula will not only make your nails strong but also give you shining nails and remove yellow stains from them.

Hair Dye Protection: To avoid the stains of hair dye on your skin while dying your hair then apply a little Vaseline petroleum jelly to the hair line skin. It will protect your skin from dye.

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