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Top 8 exercises for weight loss really fast

Weight loss is mainly the prior goal of those who join gym or do exercise at home. But how many can achieve their target? Weight loss regime can be easy if you have a personal trainer at gym but all are not as lucky or wealthy to afford a trainer for themselves. So here is a article for weight loss which will guide you to loss that extra fat from your body and finally get toned body.

  1. V Push- Up: To from a starting position for V Push you have to make a reverse V shape with your body along with legs stretched out and arms in the line of your torso. Place your hands in the form of fist without putting any pressure on the fist. For beginner you can simple place your hand on ground. Now shift your body weight forward along with breathing-in while still maintaining the V shape with elbow pointing outside. Lift your arm to return to yourstarting position and exhale while transition. Repeat this 10 times.
  2. Alternating Curls: Lie down on your back with hips touching the floor and legs forming reverse V and feet are shoulder distance apart from each other. Keep your hands under your head. Now along with inhaling bring your right elbow in front middle and your left knee near your stomach. Repeat this with other elbow and knee alternatively.
    image source: www.popworkouts.com
  3. Legs Level for abs: Again lie down on your back and raise your legs from the ground for about 5 cms. Inhale and raise your right leg to form an angle of 75 degree and then exhale with your leg is still in vertical position. Again inhale and do the same for left leg and exhale. Now lower your legs one at a time with inhaling and exhaling thus carrying out the whole exercise in 4 beats.
  4. Reverse Crunch: Lie down with back supported on ground and raise your head and shoulder in relaxed position. Keep your legs vertical and bend. Now contract the abdominal and bring your knee are close as possible to the chest and then return to the starting position.
    image source: www.popworkouts.com
  5. Push Through: Lie down on your back with hips touching the floor and legs are shoulder apart from each other basically in the same position as done in alternating curls. But keep your arms forward with hands pointing out between your legs and raise your head and shoulder. Now while inhaling push your hands forward putting stress on abdominal. Exhale and release. Repeat this exercise 10 times.
  6. Hips Extensions with knee bent: This exercise is highly recommended for beginner for weight loss. For this exercise place only your knees and elbows on ground shoulder distance apart. Now lift your one knee slightly and should be little backward from the supporting leg. Raise it backwards. Repeat this with other leg.
  7. Bridging: Lie down on your back with forming reverse V with your legs. Keep your hand at the side of your hips. Exhale and raise your hips vertically from the ground. While inhaling bring it to initial position.
  8. Floor Wiper:  Lie down on your back and raise your legs from the ground level at an angle of 75 degree. Now without turning your waist take your legs to the right and then to the initial position. Do the same for the left side. 

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