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waxing: best solution for silky smooth skin

Waxing! It is probably the most painful beauty treatment in the world. In a man dominated society, a woman needs to go through many pains to look good. Where hairy chest defines an ideal man and a well toned body with smooth skin defines an elegant woman.

Dear ladies, with a little care and precaution you can escape certain heart throbbing treatments.

Here are few techniques which will help you experience a healthy waxing with silky soft skin.

  • Do not wax when your periods are near.waxing1

One should always avoid waxing their body just before their periods. It’s said that during periods, your pain receptive are at higher rate. Waxing can double your pain causing weakness and distress.

  • Scrub out your Ingrown hair.

waxing2Ingrown hair are deep rooted and hard to be waxed. It’s better to scrub the skin first with a good Shea scrub. Scrubbing takes out the rooted hair inside your skin, making waxing less painful and tiresome.


  • Length of Hair. waxing3

Too short or too long hair difficult to be waxed. Make sure that the length of your hair is no less than ¼ inch and not more than ¾ inch. Long hair break while waxing, leaving your skin harsh and unclean, while short hair does not stick to the strip at once. For a smooth waxing, you need to check on the length of the hair.


  • Check the Temperature.

Do check the temperature of the wax before applying. If it’s too hot, it can burn your skin and cause irritation. Too cold wax won’t even stick and spread .Check the temperature of the wax by applying a little amount of the same on your wrist.


  • Powder & Moisturizer.

waxing5Do not forget to apply baby soft powder before waxing. It absorbs the moisture of the skin. Wax can never spread easily on a moist surface.

Another very important part is applying moisturizer or baby oil to the skin after waxing. It relaxes the pain receptive and gives a peaceful end to this painful process.


Always remember these tips while waxing. This will help you experience a much smoother waxing process next time.

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