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There are a basket full of skincare products in the market which promises clear and healthy skin to the public. Cleansers and scrubs are always our former choices, but there always lies one question, why a toner?

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Here’s the answer!

Following are the reasons that justify why toners are one of the must have(s) in our beauty products’ wardrobe.

  1. It clears dirt

Most of the skin problems arise due to the deposition of dirt on the layer of skin. Acnes, allergies, infections, patchiness, and every other skin trouble are the result of the little exposure you made.

One known fact is that, even the air that we breath is not free from impurities. Then how can we expect it to be gentle on our skin. Obviously the dirt, smoke, impurities in the air would harm our skin.

Obviously we cannot make the air pollution free, but then, we can do something to keep our face out of danger. Toners are made with cleansing formula that absorb out the layer of dust and dirt from the skin. Hence, protects the skin from the attack of skin issues.

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  1. Shrink pores

Our skin is like a sponge. It has pores or cell gaps which are even visible when observed minutely. These pores are sensitive to the environment and are responsible for capturing dirt.

Applying a little toner on the skin through a cotton ball shrinks these pores (visibly) and block the path for penetration of pollutants. Hence, toner acts like a protection layer for the skin.

  1. pH balance

The regular pH value of our skin remains between five to six, which means, our skin is naturally acidic. Soaps and fave washes that we use are alkaline in nature, so, cause a disturbance in the pH value. Our skin has to work more (overtime) in order to balance the same, causing deposition of a oil layer, which further, results in patchiness of skin and eventually cause skin problems. Toners comes with a formula that helps the skin restore the normal pH faster. It acts like a catalyst for faster restoration.

  1. Moisturizing quality

Toners are humectants (most of them are). Humectants holds moisture of the skin. Hence, keep the skin look fresh all day long.

Toners are like magic to the skin. At first one might not feel too much of difference, but gradually the results that one gets is always SATISFACTORY!!!

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